Smart Electronics & IoT

VEREO leverages its expertise and data from reliable sources to provide proactive Smart Electronics & IoT solutions to optimize the product performance by using real-time equipment data.

VEREO is collaborating with Microsoft to utilize its Azure cloud service to accelerate our customers digital transformation initiatives and also to protect sensitive IP. Azure enables to build intelligence across their business platforms.

VEREO provides Smart Electronics & IoT solutions as a part of its customer driven digital transformation initiatives across industry segments.

Some of the key solutions in Smart Electronics are:

  1. Intelligent Power Control System
  2. Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring System
  3. Intelligent Metal Separators for Plastic granule production
  4. Intelligent Oil Well Monitoring System
  5. Smart IoT solutions for Engines, Turbine, Pumps, Fans, Motors, Compressors, Gear Boxes and more